• When is the best time to do a session?

    A few factors determine when it’s best for you to see your baby:
    ~ Your baby only has the room you can provide. So, if you are a tiny, small, medium or larger build, the information below will help determine what is best for you.
    ~ Is your baby measuring ahead of schedule?
    ~ How tall are you? How tall is baby’s Dad? Little one may have long legs and arms. This takes up space too!

    Here are a few general guidelines:
    Find out gender as early as 15 / 16 weeks! 16 weeks works great for EVERYONE. But, if you are a tiny/slender build, we can determine gender as early as 15 weeks! Not a tiny/slender build but this is your second or third …etc… baby, 15 weeks still may work for you. Call the office to discuss what is best for you.
    Best time to see your baby’s chubby cheeks and who your baby looks like:
    ~ Having multiples (twins, tripletts)? Call to discuss.
    ~ Mommy has a tiny build: 26 – 28 weeks
    ~ Mommy has a small build: 28 – 30 weeks
    ~ If you are a medium/larger build, best time to see your baby’s chubby cheeks: 28-32 weeks
    ~ The latest I recommend is 34 weeks. NOT everyone can make it that far. Remember, several factors determine how much space your baby has left.
    Don’t wait too late to call & schedule your appointment.
    Still have questions, no problem. We are here to help you.
    Call the office to discuss, 704-883-8363

  • Does this take place of an ultrasound ordered from my Doctor or health care provider?

    ABSOLUTELY NOT!  The sessions are of limited medical value (cardiac activity, fetal position, gender determination (if desired), and the number of babies, and SHOULD NEVER REPLACE regular prenatal care or diagnostic exams order by your Doctor or health care provider.  Each client MUST be under the active care of a Doctor or health care provider before we are able to schedule a session.

  • Do I need a note from my Doctor or health care provider?

    We require that you be under the active care of a Doctor or health care provider. If you have had an ultrasound with your Dr./Provider, please bring a picture of your prior ultrasound with you so we may make a copy for our records.

  • Is ultrasound safe and what kind of equipment do you use?

    Ultrasound has been used for over 30 years and has not been shown to cause harm to mother or baby.  Our state-of-art ultrasound machine, GE 730 Voluson Pro, uses the same safe ultrasonic sound waves as used in your doctor’s office.

  • How does ultrasound work?

    A probe, called a transducer, is placed on the mother’s belly.  Ultrasound uses sound waves.  These sound waves act as a radar to look inside the body.  The return echo generates an image.

  • Do I need to make an appointment?

    YES!  We schedule our hours around our appointments.  Some days fill up quicker than others.  So call ahead to schedule.  The more time we have to schedule your appointment, the more flexible we can be with days or hours available.

  • What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

    Tues.-Fri. appts.: Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you MUST call 24 hrs. ahead of your scheduled time.  Otherwise, you will be billed a $50 fee.

    Sat. appts.: You will receive a call & email from us asking that you confirm your appt. by NO LATER than the Wed. before your appt.  Pls. make sure you do this.  Any appts. that are not confirmed by Wed., will be CANCELLED and opened up for another family.  We have had a few people not show for their appt. on Sat. & this causes another family on the waiting list not to be able to get in & see their baby.  Should you need to cancel or reschedule, make sure you call us by the Wed. before your appt.  Otherwise, there is a $50 fee.

    Appt.s made the same/next day: as long as you call before your appt. & reschedule, no fee. Otherwise, No show, $50 fee

  • To have the best session possible, what steps should I take to prepare for my visit?

    • Tips to obtaining the best pictures: You MUST DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. Take your body weight, divide it by half: this is the amount of water in ounces you want to aim to drink each day, 3 to 4 days before your appt. When you are hydrated, this gives you the crisp and clear pictures. When you ARE NOT hydrated, the pictures can be dark & muddy; which affects our ability to see and is never a reason for a free rescan. Once you are with us, we have no way of hydrating you! We realize that this may be more water than you are used to drinking, but remember, you DO NOT have to have a full bladder. You may use the restroom as much as you need to.
    • The day of your session, try to avoid OR minimize any caffeine or sugar. This includes but not limited to: sweet tea, soda and juice. We don’t want your baby over active or sleepy.
  • What should I wear?

    Wear a two piece outfit so we may have easy access to your belly!

  • May I bring friends and family?

    ABSOLUTELY! Max group size is Mommy to be plus 10. This number includes children of all ages. We have 10 chairs in room for you, along with a 55” flat screen AND two 32” flat screens. Click on the Gallery page of the website to see how the office is arranged.

  • Is it true that I HAVE to find out the gender of my baby?

    No.  This is a big misconception about 3D/4D.  We have families that do not want to know the gender and we can absolutely accommodate them.  With our experience and using our techniques, we are able to stay far away from the “diaper zone” area!

  • If I am a bigger Mom, what will I be able to see?

    Being overweight can cause some clarity issues.  It is extremely important to be well hydrated before coming to see us.  We recommend drinking the amount of water suggested by you OB-GYN, midwife or provider.  It is best to drink water consistently.  We recommend that three to four days before your session with us, really focus on your water intake.  The ultrasound waves will have more to reflect off of which will help with clarity issues.   Also, we like for all of our Mommies to stay away from caffeine and sugar the day before your session and up to the day of your session with us.

  • What if you can’t tell whether my baby is a boy or a girl?

    If the little one is just not in a good position for us to make that determination, we will do a repeat scan during the same session.  This usually allows the baby the chance to have changed positions.  If these attempts fail, you will be allowed to schedule another 15 minute session during the week within a 14 day time frame at no cost to determine gender.

  • What are the payment options?

    We accept Cash, VSA, MCD, and Debit Cards. HSA & FSA cards are accepted as well: must have a VSA or MCD symbol for us to accept. We do NOT accept checks, Amer Exp. or Discover.