3D Ultrasound Photo

For my family and I, this was the most awesome experience. It is totally worth every penny! I am so thankful for your hard work to see everything we could see of our Baby Drennen before he gets here. I’m telling everyone I know about you!

The ultrasound was great! It was an experience that I’ll never forget. It was like looking at my baby in the flesh! I can’t wait until she gets here! The service at Watch Me Grow was wonderful and I would recommend all parents try it.

Better than I imagined. The best movie I’ve ever seen.

3D Ultrasound Photo

Level of service, Friendliness of staff, Experience with techinican: all 10’s!

Thank you so much for the welcome letter and picture from our 3D ultrasound. Sarah Elizabeth Williams arrived on July 18. We were amazed when we put her 3D ultrasound pictures next to her pictures after she was born. We show them to everyone and brag about our experience! We wanted to send you guys a picture to include in your baby collage. This is baby Sarah at 3 1/2 weeks.
I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed this experience. I’m even more excited now that we have been able to see our baby kicking and moving around. I have not been able to put the pictures down. I feel like a mommy already. I can’t wait for the next appt. Thank you both for being so friendly and nice. It made this experience very enjoyable! I will recommend you to others!
3D Ultrasound Photo

Extremely worth it. Excellent knowledge and professionalism. I would definately recommend friends and family.

It was amazing!! Thank you so much!
It was exciting to see our little angel. She’s already proving to be stubborn just like her mom and her dad. It was also wonderful to see her little ears all the way down to her trying to grab her toes. Thank you so much!
3D Ultrasound Photo

I wanted to say thank you so much for Saturday. It was an absolute joy to get to see our baby girl. You always make our visit delightful. Both of our parents were so excited and very impressed with the ultrasound. We had a great time. I have watched the video over and over… I can’t get enough!! Thanks agin for everything.

Wow! What fun! It was so amzing watching her move, & suck her thumb and open her eyes!! I wish I would have come eariler & been able to do it twice! This is a must do!

It was a wonderful experience and worth every penny. Come prepared to smile a long time. I will recommend you to others!

Seeing these pictures of our baby made us feel so much closer and more bonded with our child. Visiting your office has been the highlight of this pregnancy. Thank you!

The staff was incredibly friendly and compassionate. I greatly appreciated their patience and persistence in providing us with great pictures and an overall wonderful experience!

Wonderful experience! Everyone was excellent and will definitely come back with future pregnancies. Thank you for this experience; very enjoyable.

This was the best experience! I’m so glad we came, and can’t wait to come back when I’m further along to catch even better “poses” from our little beauty queen!

This experience was very exciting. I obviously can’t stop coming here, it’s my third time!

Just wonderful! I am so glad that we returned for a second look. The Bundle of Joy package is worth every penny!

This has been a wonderful experience and we all have enjoyed this so much. It makes me so excited to finally meet this precious gift. Thank you for the wonderful service.

This was a great experience. Thanks so much for giving us the chance to connect with our baby even before he enters the world. You guys were great!